February Duties

   Flag Indoor  Skill  Game  Outdoor/Food
February 5th   Scorpions Phoenix  Ravens-Knots  Raptors-Ladder  Tomahawks-French Toast
 February 12th  Eagles  Ravens  Tomahawks  Scorpions- Outing Prep  Raptors- Brownies
 February 19th  Scorpions  Tomahawks  Raptors- Lashings  Thorns & Roses Activity  Scorpions- Burritos
 February 29th  Gators  Raptors  Scorpions- Lashings  Scorpions- Gateways  Eagles-0


July Patrol Duties

July 17th July 24th July 31st August 7th
Flag Ravens Gators Scorpions Tomahawks
Skill Doctor Mudkip Ravens Gators Scorpions
Game Wild Boars Doctor Mudkip Ravens Gators
Indoor Cleanup Eagles Wild Boars Doctor Mudkip Ravens
Cooking and Outdoor Cleanup Raptors Eagles Wild Boars Doctor Mudkip

Updated Patrol Duties for this week

Dear Troop 36,

You can look at the updated patrol duties for tomorrow’ s meeting attached.
Tomorrow will be our SPL Elections so please come to the meeting and give
our SPL candidates the respect that they deserve. Thank you and have a
great night.

Ajay Wahid

Date June 5th June 12th June 19th June 26th July 3rd
Flag Wolverines Dubstep Raptors Eagles Scorpions
Skill Jon, Ian, and Roger Interfaith Worship Service Replaced due to SPL Elections Raptors Eagle
Game Gators: Skis game Cancelled due to Preparation for Backpackng in San Gorgonio Replaced due to SPL elections Dubstep Raptors
Indoor Cleanup Ravens Gators Tomahawks Wolverines Dubstep
Cooking and Outdoor Cleanup Doctor Mudkip: Justin’s Cake Cancelled due to Preparation for Backpackng in San Gorgonio Gators (Outdoor Cleanup only due to SPL Elections) Tomahawks Wolverines

Canyons Cub Scout Day Camp has asked for our help

   As was discussed at the parent meeting last night, our Troop’s help has been requested to set up, and tear down the shade canopies for our District’s Cub Scout Day Camp. These are thirteen large canopies that were used at the last Jamboree. They are at Council HQ in shipping crates that are approximately 2′ x 2′ X 8′. We have been asked to transport these to the IROEC, and set them up, on Saturday, 7/6, and to tear them down, and return them to Council, on Friday 7/12.
We need at least 3-4 drivers with full size pickups (and/or pulling our trailer) to meet at Council HQ, at 9 AM on Saturday, 7/6. We’ll also need at least a dozen Scouts (preferably older and stronger ones) there to help load, and then set up at the IROEC. There will also be plenty for the younger Scouts to help with during the set up. Each team of 6-8 people can set up a canopy in just a few minutes, but the more teams we have, the faster it’ll go. Besides our normal Scout willingness to serve, as an added incentive, there will be donuts and lunch (pizza?) provided on Saturday!!! Did I mention DONUTS?
Our Troop already has at least 5 Scouts helping out at Day Camp. But, on Friday, 7/12, we’ll need additional Scout volunteers. Day Camp Key Staff members and Scout volunteers will start tearing down the canopies around 3 PM. We’ll need the same number of drivers to arrive after work (between 5:30-6:00 PM, or earlier if they can make it), to transport the canopies back to Council HQ. Once again, the more people who help, the faster it will go, and the sooner our Scouts and Scouters who have been at the IROEC all week, can go home and collapse.
   On a totally unrelated note, my son Steven has been requesting donations to our Troop’s Library, of new(er) Merit Badge books, and that all of the Library’s MB books be returned for inventory. So far, he has only gotten a few responses. Here is the situation, when Steven sorted through the MB books in our Troop Library, he found that almost 2/3 of them were too outdated to be used. He has a little over $200 to spend on new MB books. This will buy 43 books, which sounds good, until you consider that there are 130+ Merit Badges. He will use the results of the survey Mr. Christy sent out, to get the more popular MB books, but in order to stretch the money as far as possible, he wants to avoid buying a lot of duplicates. I know that in a Troop the size of our’s, there are a lot of MB books sitting around in bedrooms not being used. So please bring them in, so other Scouts can use them, and Steven can see what he’ll need to buy.
Thanks. YIS,
Darrel Mallonee

Troop 36 Boot/Shoe Sale!!

Troop 36 . . . . have we got a deal for you!!

We received a donation of a lot of boots/shoes/sandals from REI this past weekend. There are some clothing items available as well.

There are all sorts of sizes for men, women and kids. Come to the parent meeting early this evening and look through the selection for your scout, you and family. We will have the “T-36 shoe store” open from 6 – 7. You can have whatever you want/need for only $5 per pair / item. All the proceeds will go into the Troop’s general fund for uses such as maintenance and improvements to the scout house and new equipment needs. Look at the “stock” carefully before you decide to buy as some of the item have “issues” . . . but there are lots of good ones available.

I would like to extend a BIG thank you to all those who assisted in procuring
the donations from REI and to Mr. Fingerhut for buying the pizzas on Saturday.

Kurt Christy

Summer Camp and Forms

Good Evening T36 Parents and Scouts,

As per my previous emails, we need the scouts to turn in the pre-camp liability forms as well as the Merit badge planning forms By June 12. For Adults going, please ensure you fill out the pre-camp liability forms for adults as well. All forms are attached. If you have not yet submitted your medical forms to the troop (all of you should have done that earlier this year), you MUST complete and submit one prior to going to camp.

There are two ways the forms can be turned in:
1) Filled out, scanned, and emailed back to me OR
2) Turned in at the Scout Meeting. Please look for either Mrs. Padilla or Mrs. Whitman. They will be asking each scout and parent for their forms and collecting them.

If I cannot get the forms in a timely manner, spaces for the merit badges may fill up. So far I only have 3 Merit Badge forms . . . not a good turn out so far, considering the forms take less than 10 minutes to fill out. PLEASE GET THEM FILLED OUT AND SUBMITTED before June 12.

If you are paying the monthly installments, please ensure you make your May/June payment to the troop. Check Payable to Boy Scout Troop 36

Scout (each) = $645. Includes food, boat, accommodations, spending allowance of $60, etc.
March – $200
April – $150
May – $125
June – $125
July $45

Adults (each) = $399
March – $100
April – $100
May – $100
June – $45
If your scout is not going or is on the fence, you should definitely consider having them go. We are nearly filled from our original count of 55, however, we can still make room . . . SO PLEASE LET ME or MRS. WHITMAN SO WE CAN MAKE ARRANGEMENTS.
If you are wondering about your deposit status, please contact me or Mr. Whitman via email (gghearts@…) or in person at the Scout Meeting

If you have any other questions, please email me or Mrs. Whitman or you can click the link to access the LEADER GUIDE for more info: http://www.campemeraldbay.org/system/files/emeraldbay/2013%20Leader%20Guide.pdf

Mike Padilla
4 of 4 File(s)
Pre-Camp Liability Form_Adult.pdf
BSA Medical_Scuba Form_2013.pdf
Scout Merit Badge Planning Form 2013.pdf
Pre-Camp Liability Form _Youth.blank.pdf

Parent meeting on Summer Camp

Troop 36 Parents,
At the Wed July 17th Troop meeting at the Scout House, we will hold a 30 minute review meeting on Summer Camp. We will review/organize logistics of getting to and from camp, what your Scout should expect (especially newer Scouts and parents), and try to cover any other concerns or questions you may have prior to camp.
Please mark your calendars. I will send out reminders.
Michael Padilla

June Patrol Duties

Date June 5th June 12th June 19th June 26th July 3rd
Flag Wolverines Dubstep Raptors Eagles Scorpions
Skill Tomahawks Wolverines Dubstep Raptors Eagle
Game Gators Tomahawks Wolverines Dubstep Raptors
Indoor Cleanup Ravens Gators Tomahawks Wolverines Dubstep
Cooking and Outdoor Cleanup Doctor Mudkip Ravens Gators Tomahawks Wolverines

Court of Honor (May 2013)


Troop 36,

Congratulations to all of the Troop 36 Scout Successes last night especially our newest Eagle Scouts, Jason Warner and Nick Clement. Way To Go!

Thank you to everyone who assisted, lent your ovens, donated items, prepared food, served, and made last minute Albertson’ s runs to help to make
our Troop 36 Court of Honor a huge success. Thanks to our amazing efforts, we collected $710.25 in donations for Jerrad Senesacs’ Education Fund.

Troop 36 ROCKS!

Debi Fingerhut

Julie Jennings